President Solih attributes support from Meedhoo constituency to Siyam’s closeness with residents

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and MDA's leader, Meedhoo MP Ahmed Siyam Mohamed. (Photo/MDP)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, on Monday, has attributed the full support to MDP’s coalition from Dh. Meedhoo constituency to the closeness maintained with residents by the parliamentarian for the constituency and coalition partner MDA’s leader Ahmed Siyam Mohamed.

Speaking to residents during his visit to Bandidhoo as part of his ongoing campaign tour of Dhaalu Atoll – President Solih said the needs of people have been fulfilled through this close relationship.

“As I believe, during my trip to these three islands, the reason the result that leans heavier to my side has become extremely clear. The close relationship maintained with the residents of this constituency by the constituency’s honorable MP Ahmed Siyam Mohamed,” he said.

Speaking further, President Solih said the islands were in very bad condition when he assumed office. He noted Siyam had undertaken various efforts, in a personal capacity, to provide assistance to the constituency’s residents in addressing these issues.

“(Issues) are there on every island, to an extent it cannot be listed. I extend gratitude to his constituency’s MP Ahmed Siyam Mohamed for his efforts in helping the people in this trajectory,” he said.

The president, citing the decision residents of Bandidhoo and Dhaalu Atoll will make in the upcoming presidential election to be extremely clear, urged them to identify the differences between the current administration and PPM’s administration.

“What you should think about today is what will happen if this administration changes,” he added.

President Solih, noting if Maldives were to appeal for the aid of a foreign nation today, they would not hesitate to help without any requirements, stressed the previous administration has cut ties with foreign nations.

President Solih’s second term pledges for Bandidhoo;

  • Development of an ice plant
  • Development of a school and a multipurpose hall
  • Improving the services of the health centre
  • Launching of waste management service
  • Reclamation of the island
  • Developing the roads up to modern standards
  • Building a new office for Bandidhoo Council