The word "Sun" in the local language Dhivehi is "Iru".

In the world of current affairs, the road to excellence is defined by the will to adapt and evolve with the stream of ledes. In our world of breaking news, the only constant is change.

An evolved brand, the gradients of the rising Sun now seep through into our new and modern branding, symbolizing our new renewed focus to bring you the latest in all aspects of life as the Trusted News Network.


Sun Media Group

Sun Media Group Pvt Ltd was formed in 2011 and has since become the largest independent media group in the country.

Currently we operate a news website in English and Dhivehi, delivering the most fresh and updated news to our local and International audiences in Maldives and all across the globe. We also manage a travel and tourism publication with lots of interesting content, targeted at the travel market.

Sun Media Group's team is one of the most experienced amongst private media companies in the country.


Sun Online

Sun Online is Sun Media Group's news website, registered in the Republic of Maldives, bringing you the most fresh news updates since 2010. An International Edition of Sun Online came into existence the following year.

Sun Online's objective is to make the best use of freedom of expression and press that is guaranteed in the Constitution of the Republic of Maldives.

Our newsroom works round the clock to bring timely news to our readers.