MP Siraj: Around 200 members from Fonadhoo followed suit to leave MDP

MP for Fonadhoo Moosa Siraj. (Photo/Parliament)

Fonadhoo MP Moosa Siraj states a large number of Fonadhoo residents have followed suit and submitted their resignation from main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

Siraj, who has endorsed opposition coalition’s presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu following his departure from MDP, told Sun on Wednesday that approximately 200 general members of MDP from Fonadhoo have submitted their resignation over the past 48 hours.

He had also publicized a resignation letter submitted by a general member, backing his statement.

The letter read that the member joined MDP, at the request of Siraj, and did not wish to stay a member of the party any further in the wake of Siraj’s resignation.

“Fonadhoo is not such an MDP island. They are people who joined with me, as we became involved in MDP’s activities. They do not wish to remain in the party if I am no longer a member,” Siraj said.

Siraj, announcing his endorsement of Muizzu, guaranteed majority from Laamu Atoll for the opposition coalition’s candidate. On this note, he said although Laamu Atoll was secured by MDP’s presidential candidate in 2018’s election, it will not remain the same this year.

Siraj said although he was elected to the parliament on MDP’s ticket, he was forced to leave the main ruling party over the current administration’s lack of regard for Laamu Atoll. In this regard, he stressed that the most prominent electoral pledges made for Laamu Atoll remain unfulfilled although minor things have been done for the region.

Siraj won Fonadhoo seat in the last parliamentary election with a difference of 44 votes, by competing with opposition coalition’s People’s National Congress (PNC)’s leader Abdul Raheem Abdulla, as his main opponent. Siraj secured 1,007 votes, while Adhurey secured 963 votes.