Siraj: Sitting cannot proceed until Shaheem is discharged from hospital

Fonadhoo MP Moosa Siraj. (Photo/People's Majlis)

PNC’s parliamentary group leader Moosa Siraj states a parliamentary sitting cannot proceed until ruling PPM-PNC coalition’s Kanditheemu MP Abdulla Shaheem who was injured during violence that broke out between pro-government MPs and opposition MPs on Sunday is discharged from the hospital after treatment.

An extraordinary sitting of the Parliament was slated for Sunday, with the cabinet’s approval on agenda. Ahead of the sitting, main opposition MDP decided to withhold parliamentary approval to four ministers which prompted pro-government MPs to obstruct the sitting from proceeding.

It eventually escalated to violence which saw Shaheem sustain a laceration to his head.

In a post on X on Sunday night, Siraj said Shaheem has been hospitalized following the injury, adding there is no leeway for a parliamentary sitting to proceed until he is discharged.

PPM-PNC coalition, in an earlier statement, said will submit the violent altercation to the relevant authorities for investigation.

They have also filed no-confidence motions against the Parliament’s Speaker Mohamed Aslam and Deputy Speaker Ahmed Saleem.

MDP passed a three-line red whip to withhold approval to four cabinet ministers, including the attorney general.

They are:

  • Ahmed Usham, attorney general
  • Mohamed Saeed, economic minister
  • Dr. Ali Haidar, housing minister
  • Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, Islamic minister

Although the parliament secretariate rescheduled Sunday’s disrupted sitting for tonight – the sitting is now in recess after protests from pro-government MPs.