Sun Siyam Resorts celebrates 33rd anniversary with blood drive

Sun Siyam Resorts holds a blood donation camp on May 2, 2023. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shathiu Abdulla)

Sun Siyam Resorts launched a blood drive on Tuesday, in celebration of its 33rd anniversary.

The blood drive began at the Thalassemia Center in Male’ City on Tuesday morning.

A large number employees who work at the Sun Siyam Resorts’ office in Male’ are expected to donate blood Tuesday.

Sun Siyam Group’s director Aishath Rafiyya said the company held its first blood drive back in 2015.

Sun Siyam Group's director Aishath Rafiyya. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shathiu Abdulla)

“We have over 500 registered blood donors in our larger Sun Siyam family, or group. Employees from all our resorts are donating,” she said.

The blood drive is scheduled to continue until June 9, with camps in all of the company’s resorts.

Maldives has 940 registered thalassemia patients. 320 of them get their transfusions from Male’.