PSM denies allegation it was ordered not to air STO MD’s interview

STO's Managing Director Hussain Amr Mohamed Rashad in an interview to PSM.

Public Service Media (PSM) has denied allegations it was ordered by the President’s Office not to air programs with State Trading Organization (STO)’s managing director Hussain Amr Mohamed Rashad, stating that Amr’s interview will be aired at a later date.

PSM had reportedly recorded an interview with Amr for the ‘Raajje Miadhu’ episode Saturday night. However, the episode was later cancelled.

Amr told Sun that he gave his interview about the market rates during Ramadan and STO’s efforts to provide products at affordable rates.

Central Henveiru MP Ali Azim alleges the episode was cancelled at orders from the President’s Office.

However, a PSM spokesperson said they hadn’t been told by the President’s Office not to air any program. He said that Saturday night’s episode was cancelled “as part of PSM’s policy on prioritization”.

“The program wasn’t called at the government’s instructions. The slot was given to someone else to prioritize what’s most important,” he said.

The spokesperson said PSM has not decided not to air Amr’s programs, and that the program scheduled for Saturday will be aired at a later date.

The controversy comes with Amr aligned with Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) leader Mohamed Nasheed against the party’s presidential candidate President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. He had represented Nasheed in some of the negotiations with Jumhoory Party (JP).