Charge filed against MP Haitham’s ex-stepdaughter for threatening him

South Machangolhi MP Ahmed Haitham (L). (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Prosecutor General’s Office has filed charges against a woman for threatening South Machagolhi MP Ahmed Haitham and his spouse, Shajan Muaz, on a street in Male’ City. 

Haitham lodged a report with the police after he and his spouse were yelled at and threatened on the street in Male' back in June. 

The police, following their investigation into the case, asked the Prosecutor General’s Office for charges against Haitham’s former spouse Najma Moosa and her daughter Dhifla Junaid. 

However, Prosecutor General’s Office said on Monday that only one person has been charged in the case –  Dhifla. 

Prosecutor General’s Office spokesperson confirmed charges were filed with the Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court on Monday morning, but declined to disclose details. 

Sun has been informed the Prosecutor General’s Office decided against pursuing charges against Najma due to insufficient evidence. 

Haitham and Shajan got married in October last year.