MP Haitham: Biggest threat posed to youths with no solution is drug addiction

South Machangolhi MP Ahmed Haitham. (File Photo/People's Majlis)

Ruling party MDP’s member, South Mahchangolhi MP Ahmed Haitham has stated that as the biggest threat faced today as the National Youth Day is celebrated – is the increased amount of youths who become victims of drug addiction.

Speaking to Sun on the occasion of National Youth Day – MP Haitham said that youth are the country’s biggest assets. On this note – he stressed that it is important to protect youths from falling victim to drug addiction.

“By no means, is considered cool. For as long as there is no constructive solution to the matter – youths will keep getting ruined. Finding a solution for addicts to recover is what can be done to brighten their futures,” he had said.

MP Haitham said that although MDP is currently the ruling party – he does not believe that the administration is doing enough to help addicts recover. However, he noted that there were many obstructions in doing such as well.

“A generation called ‘youth’ will not exist in the Maldives if there is no recovery from addiction. Saving the youth from addiction should be the highest priority for Maldives,” he had said.  

Speaking further, MP Haitham said that he has noticed that there is large number of youths who are in need of housing and employment. On this note, he said that employment and housing opportunities for youths are comparatively low.

In addition to this – MP Haitham also discussed the opportunities that are presently available to youths.

“Our future is the youth, right? The more opportunities for them, the better. What I am noticing now is that – youths have become more involved in politics now. If they can move forward with food discipline – this is great. Nevertheless, opportunities are still less,” he had said.

MP Haitham also said that creating new opportunities for youth to pursue is an aim of this administration. In this regard, he further detailed that what this government prioritizes the most is to attend the needs of the youth – adding that he hoped the work undertaken by the government accomplishes the same.

“As I believe, our hope is that this administration and our party create as much as opportunities for youths as possible. This is my wishes as well,” he had said.