Mandhu College owner alleges ''state keeps changing it's stand'' in SC case

June 3, 2015: Mandhu College locked up. (Sun Photo/Yoosuf Sofwan)

Ibrahim Ismail (Ibra), the owner of Mandhu College has alleged that the state is factually misleading the events that led to the closure of the college which was previously run in the Male’ English School building. 

Ibra was speaking on the court case where Male’ High is claiming for damages after the state reacquired the building in which the Mandhu College. The High Court of the Maldives has ruled in favor of the college which is being appealed to the Supreme Court. 

Ibra, in the Supreme Court hearing of the case yesterday, said that it cannot be assumed that the judges of the High Court ruling in favor of the college meant that they did not take into account the events of the case. He said that it was his belief that the judges ruled correctly in the case. 

“After the states carry out an action, they are trying to justify it through legal principles. They did not decide after taking into account the agreement.” Said Ibra. 

“They did the same once. Now they are changing accounts in the Civil Court, High Court, and the Supreme Court.” Said Ibra. 

He called on the state to take a particular stand and maintain it, before detailing the events of the case.

The Justices of the Supreme Court enquired from the state a number of issues yesterday such as the number of agreements the state had with Male’ High. The state responded by stating that a total of two agreements were made with Male’ High. The first was to run the school, while the second one was to relocate the Arabiyya School due to space difficulties. 

Education Ministry entered into an agreement with Male’ High to run the Mandhu College in 2008. The building was awarded to Male’ High to run an international school. Mandhu College relinquished the building, later on, to provide it for the students of Arabiyya School due to difficulties in space. 

The permit for Male’ High was terminated by the Education Ministry for violations of the agreement. The building was locked up in 2015.