Mayor: Police authorized to halt unregistered marketplaces in Male’

Raskara Local Market, located in Male' City.

Male’ City Mayor Shifa Mohamed said on Tuesday that the city council has not issued permits for marketplaces to be run in any areas of Male’ except for those in the bazaar district, and that the police and Health Protection Agency (HPA) have the authority to halt such business operations.

In a tweet on Tuesday morning, Shifa said that the city council has issued permits for only three marketplaces in Male’; the local market, the fishermen’s market, and the travelers’ market.

All three marketplaces are located in the bazaar district of the capital.

Shifa said that both the local market and travelers’ market have been redeveloped and opened for local vendors.

 “The marketplaces throughout Male’ aren’t being run with permission from the council. The police and HPA have the authority to stop such operations,” she said.

Shifa’s statement comes amid complaints from vendors at the local market and the travelers’ market that the small marketplaces for fruits and vegetables which have popped up in locations throughout Male’ is driving down the demand for their products.

However, the marketplaces are seen as a huge convenience for local consumers.