Mayor warns of full lockdown in capital if rules are not followed

February 12, 2020: Male' City Mayor Shifa Mohamed. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Saeed)

Mayor of Male’ City Shifa Mohamed has said that the capital may have to go into a full lockdown again if residents do not adhere to the mandatory mask rule. 

Health authorities have made masks mandatory following the rise in the number of COVID-19 cases in the capital. A warning is issued on the first instance to offenders. A repeat offender is fined by MVR 1,000. 

A tweet sent out by the mayor warned that the city may have to be placed in full lockdown. The mayor advised residents against staying in groups on the streets and inside cafes.

Authorities have also imposed a curfew in the capital. Fines are also levied upon repeat offenders of the curfew. Groups in excess of more than five are also disallowed on the streets of Male’, which is the hardest hit by the virus. 

Last night, the number of confirmed cases in the country passed 5,000 infections. Active cases are numbered at 2,218. The country has suffered 19 deaths from the virus while 2.804 individuals have made recoveries from the virus.