Sun Siyam Resorts launch blood donation camp

Sun Siyam Resorts launched the blood donation camp in commemoration of its 34th anniversary --

Sun Siyam Resorts has launched a blood donation camp in commemoration of the hotelier's 34th anniversary.

The camp's inaugural event that kicked off at Olhuveli was officiated by the property's General Manager and the Assistant Group General Manager of Sun Siyam Group Hassan Adil.

At the inauguration ceremony, Adil expressed joy over the strong turnout to donate blood. He further highlighted the resort group held the camp every year towards enhancing the community.

Adil stated over 170 of Olhuveli staff registered to donate blood.

The camp will be moving across Sun Siyam Resort's properties, with the event held once every week in a different property. The final event of the camp will be held at Sun Siyam Group's head office.

The blood donation camp is organized and held by Maldivian Blood Services (MBS).

While speaking at the ceremony, MBS Senior Specialist Registrar in Pediatrics Dr. Ahmed Umar noted Sun Siyam Group was the biggest donor among the companies this year as well.

"I am hopeful these initiatives can be held in a sustainable manner," Dr. Umar said.

Sun Siyam Resorts launched the blood camp in commemoration of its anniversary that coincides with World Thalassemia Day, debuting in 2015. The camp has been held every year since inception with the exemption of the Covid-19 pandemic, after which it resumed in 2023.

Azza Hameed, the Manager of Agriculture Department and Coordinator of the blood donation camp said, 459 blood donations were made in last year's camp, while the figure is expected to exceed 500 this year.

"Even now are raising awareness across the resorts, while noting names of donors. So, we are hopeful to achieve the target," she said.

The camp will be held in;

  • Olhuveli
  • Siyam World
  • Iru Fushi
  • Iru Veli
  • Vilu Reef
  • Sun Siyam Head Office