Fenaka denies hiring staff in conjunction with the election

Fenaka Corporation MD Muaz Mohamed Rasheed -- (Photo/ President's Office)

Fenaka Corporation’s Managing Director Muaz Mohamed Rasheed has denied allegations that the corporation created new posts in conjunction with the parliamentary election slated for Sunday.

The opposition and some members of the public have taken to social media to accuse Fenaka of seeking votes for ruling PPM-PNC coalition and hiring more staff than required in order to influence the election.

Commenting on the allegations, Muaz told Sun that Fenaka had hired staff as per the usual policy, as required by the company’s departments.

He accused opposition MDP of making up such allegations because the party’s administration had attempted to influence the election and therefore, believes the current administration will follow in these footsteps.

“There is nothing we will do in this regard with the purpose of influencing the election. Most importantly, we are individuals who will not influence Fenaka staff in any way when it comes to voting for an ideology they want, or how they want to cast their vote,” he said.

The new Fenaka’s management has attributed the company’s roof-high debt to the former management’s negligence. They have accused the former management of an extensive number of hires which increased the expenses incurred to pay the salaries of employees.

Muaz detailed that Fenaka is presently repaying its debt, minimizing damages caused to operations and carrying out maintenance work. He noted that significant efforts had been undertaken to reduce the expenses of the company.

He also detailed that efforts were being undertaken to resume projects that had been halted due to the negligence of MDP’s administration.

“The former management spent MVR 1 billion for 60 projects, meaning, decisions were taken at 300, 400 percent higher than the market price, or at various other stages,” he explained.

“Henceforth, our first step is to reduce these expenses. This would save a lot,” he added.

Apart from Fenaka, other state-owned companies have also been accused of creating posts in conjunction with the election.