Big parties lose members, while smaller parties gain more

A capture from a campaign rally of main ruling MDP.

The number of registered members of the ruling MDP, the main opposition PPM and the Jumhoory Party (JP) has decreased while other political parties have seen an increase in their membership.

There are currently 10 political parties on the Election Commission (EC) register, and the Election Commission yesterday released the number of members on the register as of last month.

According to the register, political parties have a combined total of 161,417 (one hundred and sixty-one thousand four hundred and seventeen) members.

Number of members on the register of political parties as of last month:

  • MDP: 57,660 members
  • Adhaalath Party: 9,786 members
  • Jumhoory Party: 22,607 members
  • PPM: 38,704 members
  • MDA: 10,386 members
  • MDT: 3,016 members
  • PNC: 3,159 members
  • MRM: 2,981 members
  • MNP: 9,838 members
  • The Democrats: 3,280 members

The MDP had 58,035 members, according to EC’s list of political parties released in July. Therefore, the party has lost 375 members. While MDP has lost members, it is still the largest political party in Maldives.

As of July, PPM had 38,831 members, they have lost 127 members since. The third largest political party, JP, has lost 98 members from the 22,705 members it had in July.

Other parties have gained members. The parties have gained:

  • Adhaalath Party: 191 members
  • MDA: 159 members
  • MDT: two members
  • PNC: 20 members
  • MRM: 89 members
  • MNP: 109 members

MRM is the only party with less than 3,000 members. The newly formed the Democrats also have more than 3,000 members.

Cases of fraudulently filing invalid party application forms to EC has increased recently. Last year, the Election Commission even took steps to prevent these cases. 

The commission has changed three forms. The changed forms are the application for membership of a newly formed party, the application for membership and the complaint form for the register of political parties. Unlike before, witness fingerprints are required to verify the authenticity of these forms. The form must also include a photograph of the person entering the party and the information of the mother of the person signing. 

EC's Vice-President Ismail Habeeb told Sun that the issue has been very much brought under control with the change in the forms.

"Unlike before, the fake forms have been controlled. Then the EC's big request is for everyone to check them as soon as possible. One month is open for checking,” Habeeb said.

Habeeb said EC's purpose is to validate the list as much as possible. 

People can check if their name is on the list by sending a message (PPR/space/ID card number) to 1414.

The complaint form is available on the commission's website and at the counters of the commission's office. EC further said that complaints will be accepted until 3:00 pm on Thursday, November 30.