Indian High Commission seeks action against fake reports

Newly appointed Indian High Commissioner to the Maldives Munu Mahawar presents credentials to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on November 17, 2021. (Photo/President's Office)

The High Commission of India in Maldives has called to investigate the false news and hate that is being spread about India.

In a statement released by the commission last night, they said that it has come to their attention that there are false reports being spread in order to insult and intimidate the Indian expat workers, officials of the High Commission, and Indians living peacefully in the Maldives.

They also said that those reports are fake.

They further said in the statement that the reason for the fake reports is to negatively influence the relationship between India and Maldives and to spread hateful and fearful environment among Maldivians about India.

As per the Commission, the spreading of fake reports about India is very irresponsible and it should be strongly condemned.

“We also call upon the Maldivian authorities to investigate such instances of fake news circulation which are brazenly carried out in the name of journalism,” the Commission said in their statement.

They also highlighted that the relationship between Maldives and India is based on mutual trust and respect.

They further said that they have helped the Maldives in any way that they can and has given Maldives a special place under the “neighbours first” policy. Similarly, the commission noted that Indian professionals, workers and tourists who contribute to the economy of Maldives have also enjoyed equality and compassion in Maldives.

The commission issued such a statement amid allegations of Indian troops' presence in Maldives. The opposition political parties have been expressing concern against it. They describe the presence of Indian troops in Maldives with the knowledge of the government as a threat to Maldives' security.

But, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has repeatedly denied the opposition’s allegations. He said no foreign troops would be deployed in Maldives to carry out any military activities.