Falah as PNC's PG leader, Shujau as Senior Deputy Leader

Inguraidhoo MP-elect Ibrahim Falah -- Sun Photo/ Ahmed Avshan Ilyas

Inguraidhoo MP-elect Ibrahim Falah, and Baarah MP-elect Ibrahim Shujau have been appointed as the parliamentary group leader and senior deputy leader, respective, of the ruling People's National Congress (PNC), for the 20th parliamentary assembly.

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu decided to appoint the two members for their roles at the meeting in Muliaage between the top-brass of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and parliament members of the party.

Besides this, President Muizzu nominated the names of Abdulraheem Abdulla and Ahmed Nazim as the Speaker and Vice Speaker, respectively, for the upcoming parliamentary assembly.

President Muizzu proposed to appoint a Senior Deputy Leader and three Deputy Leaders at the top brass of PNC's PG Group, which include;

  • Deputy Leader - Mahibadhoo MP-elect Ahmed Thoriq
  • Deputy Leader - Hulhudhoo MP-elect Mohamed Shahid
  • Deputy Leader - Vilimale' MP-elect Mohamed Ismail

The attendees of the meeting and unanimously approved all the names.

Falah has been the Inguraidhoo MP during the 18th parliamentary assembly as well, and had exited Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) in 2023 to join PNC.

Shujau represented Baarah at the 18th assembly, while he contended for the 19th assembly but faced defeat. Following this, he contended for the Hulhumale' seat at the local council election and made a landslide victory.

A total of 74 members from the ruling PNC will represent constituencies at the 20th parliamentary assembly, which includes the seven independent MPs who signed to the party afterwards.

Oath taking for the upcoming assembly is scheduled for Tuesday, next week, after which a discreet vote will be taken to elect the Speaker and Vice Speaker.