MDP: Oppostion is trying to reregister MDP members to other places

From a campaign event held by MDP for the 2023 presidential elections. (Photo/MDP)

MDP have accused the opposition of reregistering MDP members to the wrong places for voting in the second round of the presidential elections which will be held on September 30, 2023.

.In a statement released by MDP regarding the talks about reregistration and MDP, they have denied the rumours that they are trying to hinder the reregistration being held by the Elections Commission. 

MDP further said that such rumours are being spread in order to 'disrupt' the election as the opposition believes it will lose the presidential election. They have assured that they are not doing any such thing nor will they ever do such a thing.

The party has also accused opposing PPM/PNC of reregistering people who support President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to vote in areas far from where they are.

MDP said that it is being done by the opposition for the purpose of directly influencing the vote. They also requested everyone to check and make sure where and in which box they are registered to vote in.

To check which box people are registered at, send an SMS to 1414 after writing VR(space)ID card number. Reregistration is open till 16:00 today evening. 

So far, 25000 people have requested to reregister.

This has been raised as a concern by the opposition and they are questioning the validity of these requests. The opposition wants to discard the current requests and open for reregistration once more.

EC said, regarding the concerns of the opposition, that they are fully confident there can be no issues with the reregistration.