61 kilo drug bust: Ringleaders acquitted, remaining suspects gets life

Six suspects found guilty of diamorphine trafficking in connection to 61.06 kilos of heroin found on fishing boat ‘Irualimas’ on March 2020.

Six suspects from the 11 suspects charged in connection to 61.06 kilos of heroin found on fishing boat ‘Irualimas’ on March 2020, were found guilty and sentenced to life in prison by the Criminal Court on last Tuesday.

However, suspects police believed to be the ringleaders were acquitted of the charges filed against them.

The drugs had been seized from the boat Irualimas on March 26; the culmination of a nine-day operation run by the Drug Enforcement Department, in collaboration with Police Intelligence and Marine Police.

11 people were arrested in connection to the case. Seven were arrested from the fishing boat itself, and four were arrested from Male’ City and suburban Hulhumale’. All eleven have prior records of drug-related offenses. They were charged with trafficking diamorphine (heroin) and ordered to jail pending the outcome of their trial.

  1. Mohamed Rishvan Ibrahim, Mushthareege, M. Muli
  2. Ahmed Visam, M. Boilingfish, Male’ City
  3. Mohamed Maaish, M. Maakolhu, Male’ City
  4. Hussain Sunaz, Sosun Villa, M. Muli
  5. Mohamed Hameed, Guldhasthaage, G. Dh. Rathafandhoo
  6. Mohamed Maaidh, Ocean View, M. Kolhufushi
  7. Ahmed Shifaz, Hulhumale’ flat 6-G-4
  8. Abdulla Sham, Ma. Boalhakinkirimaage, Male’ City
  9. Mohamed Nasheed, Hudhufinifenmaage, M. Muli
  10. Mohamed Shamin, Ma. Virah, Male’ City
  11. Saudhulla Rasheed, M. Capricorn, Male’ City

Only six suspects were found guilty. They were both sentenced to life and slapped with MVR 100,000 fine each, to be paid within a 12-month period starting June 20th.

They are Shifaz, Rilwan, Sunaz, Sham, Maaidh, and Saudhulla Rasheed. Although their life sentence amounts to 25 years, they will have to serve 21 years, nine months and 25 days after deducting the time they have already spent in custody.

Visam, Maaish, Shamin and Mohamed Hameed were acquitted. Visam is suspected to be the ringleader by the police alongside Mohamed Hameed.

Nasheed, who was charged, passed away amid the trial.