Govt. seeks to dismiss WAMCO chairman Ibrahim Manik, Aasandha director Aamila

WAMCO's Chairman Ibrahim Manik.

The government has requested the dismissal of Waste Management and Corporatization (WAMCO)’s Chairman Ibrahim Manik and Aasandha Company Limited’s board member Aamila Latheef from Privatization and Corporatization Board (PCB).

A senior government official confirmed to Sun that the dismissal of the two individuals has been sought from PCB.

Sun has been unable to obtain a comment from PCB regarding the matter.

Mohamed Ibrahim Manik was appointed WAMCO’s chairman in 2020. Aamila Latheef was appointed a non-executive director at Aasandha in 2019.

The government’s request to dismiss both individuals from their posts comes after the dismissal of a number of political appointees who recently resigned from Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) on Sunday and Monday.

Individuals that have been dismissed include State Minister for Environment Ahmed Mujthaba and Executive Director at Tourism Ministry Ali Hashim (Smith).

These individuals are supporters of Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed who are actively working alongside his aides to form a new political party, ‘The Democrats'.