Isdhoo MP Ali Hameed leaves JP to join MDP

MP Ali Hameed at an event held by JP. (Sun photo / Moosa Fayaaz)

The Parliament representative of Isdhoo constituency MP Ali Hameed on Monday left Jumhoory Party (JP), and signed as a member of ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

The MP has confirmed to Sun that he has indeed joined to MDP. He noted that the coalition agreement formed between JP and MDP has almost ended. 

Furthermore, he said that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih was carrying out his term to a conclusion very well, and has established social security, and prevented the nation from falling into an economic crisis. 

Hence, MP Ali expressed his belief that President Solih needed to be given a second term to rule. 

“In my opinion we Maldivians need to give President Solih that chance, for social and economic security, and for the benefit of the nation.”

With the MP’s departure from JP, there will be only two members representing the party within the Parliament. That is President of JP and MP for Maamigili constituency Qasim Ibrahim, and Kendhoo representative MP Ali Hussain.

Meanwhile, this increases the number of members representing MDP in the Parliament to 66. However, with the existing internal collisions of MDP, two factions have been formed, one that supports President Solih, and another supporting former President Mohamed Nasheed. About 12 members from MDP support Nasheed. 

Other party representations include five members of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), three members of Peoples National Congress (PNC) and two members of Maldives Developmental Alliance (MDA).

JP rejected President Solih’s invitation to back his re-election and decided to contest the election independently. The party’s leader, Qasim is set to contest on the party ticket.

Subsequently, many government officials appointed to their posts on JP slots had tendered their resignation including Minister at the President’s Office Ahmed Sameer and Controller General of Immigration Mohamed Ahmed Hussain (Hanafy).

Moreover, some JP members currently in senior positions within the government handed in their resignations. This included MTCC’s CEO, Managing Director Adam Azim who was serving as an advisor to Qasim, Hassan Shah who is serving as MWSC’s Managing Director on a slot of JP in addition to Deputy Minister at Higher Education Aminath Mohamed Saleem.

Their resignation was owed to their decision to support President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in his bid for a second term.