Police case filed over death threat against Vaguthu journalists

Vaguthu's 'Heyriya' team in Lhaviyani Atoll. (Photo/Vaguthu)

A police case has been filed on Saturday night regarding death threats made against Vaguthu media’s journalists on social media.

The case was filed with police on over a death threat made on social media as Vaguthu media’s ‘Heyriya’ team traveled to Lhaviyani Atoll to report news and information from the atolls.

A facebook account under the name ‘Mohamed Vishal’, in a post consisting of a screenshot of the news on Heyriya team’s trip to Shaviyani Atoll, alleged that the team, in a previous visit to Addu City, spied on Muslims.

“The current administration makes many arrests under the guise of terrorism. They are aiders of Shaiytan in the name of extremist ideologies,” the post also read.

A comment made on the post from an account under the name ‘Ahmed Habeeb’ read that the penalty for those who spy on Muslims is death.

Vaguthu’s CEO Adam Nawaz told Sun on Sunday that the media’s journalists have been threatened in various ways since the report published by Heyriya team in 2020 with respect to extremism in Addu City.

“Have heard of extremism in Naifaru about two to three days ago. That is why people are suspecting Heyriya team traveled to Naifaru in order to write such a report,” he added.

Nawaz said that although security was arranged for Vaguthu journalists following Addu case, Police have yet to respond regarding the recent threats.