PO: President’s campaign tours aren’t funded by state

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih visits N. Kendhikulhudhoo on January 7, 2023. (Photo/President's Office)

None of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s campaign costs are covered by the government, states President’s Office.

President Solih recently attended a campaign rally during an official visit to R. Alifushi, prompting criticism from his political rivals, who allege his campaign for MDP’s presidential ticket is being run on taxpayer money.

In a press conference Thursday, PO spokesperson Miuvaan Mohamed said that President Solih’s campaign costs are covered by his campaign team.

He provided assurance none of the expenses are covered by the government.

Miuvaan said that President Solih is however, provided with security, and escorted by his support team on all trips.

“President’s campaign tours are financed by his party. The recent tours of R. Alifushi, B. Atoll and the northern atolls were financed by his campaign. Though he may be campaigning, he remains the President. He remains President even as he runs as a candidate in the MDP primary. Therefore, the President will always be escorted by his security and support team. But they will not work on the campaign,” he said.

Transparency Maldives recently condemned the use of President Solih’s campaign hashtags in social media posts by Public Service Media (PSM).