Chinese ambassador: We will facilitate training for Maldivian journalists

Chinese Ambassador Wang Lixin (CR) poses for a picture with members of Maldives Media Council on January 12, 2023. (Photo/MMC)

China will facilitate trainings and capacity building programs for Maldivian journalists, states Chinese ambassador Wang Lixin.

She provided the assurance during a meeting with the Maldives Media Council (MMC) on exploring training and capacity building programs for Maldivian journalists through Chinese educational institutions on Thursday.

The meeting was attended by MMC’s president Ahmed Mustafa, council members Mohamed Afrah, Moosa Rasheed, Arman Rasheed, Ali Nishan, along with Chinese Embassy’s Third Secretary Zhang Feng.

According to MMC, discussions during the meeting focused on seeking assistance in sending Maldivian journalists to China for training and capacity building programs, and on the possibility of inviting experts from Chinese educational institution to visit to the Maldives and conducting training programs.

Discussions were also held on facilitating short-term and long-term journalism scholarships programs from China to Maldives.

Speaking at the meeting, Ambassador Wang emphasized that the media is an essential medium for friendly exchanges and interconnectivity amongst individuals.

Media cooperation and exchanges are a vital aspect of China-Maldives relations, playing an irreplaceable role in developing China-Maldives relations through disseminating information, minimizing misunderstandings, fostering mutual understanding, strengthening friendship, and encouraging cultural exchanges, she said.

Wang provided assurance that she will facilitate trainings and capacity building programs for Maldivian journalists, and assist in making arrangements to conduct training programs.

She also provided assurance of her support in signing a Memorandum of Understanding between MMC and media regulatory body of China.

The meeting with the Chinese Embassy following similar meetings with the Indian High Commission and the Pakistan High Commission.