Wadde: President Solih should remember how he came to power

Ungoofaaru MP Mohamed Waheed (Wadde). (Photo/People's Majlis)

Ungoofaaru MP Mohamed Waheed (Wadde), on Monday, remarked that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih must keep in mind, how he won the elections in 2018.

Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) leader Mohamed Nasheed has recently stated that holding a constitutional referendum within 18 months after assuming governance had been included in the manifesto agreed by the government coalition. Citing that switching to parliamentary system of governance had been the biggest electoral pledge MDP made to its members in 2018 – Nasheed also expressed concern over the nonfulfillment of the pledge.

Leader of MDP, former Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed speaks during its national council meeting on December 1, 2018. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Refuting these statements – the President’s Office’s Spokesperson Miuvaan Mohamed said that parties to the government coalition had not agreed to take a constitutional referendum in the course of President Solih’s prevailing term. Emphasizing that the government was enforcing the manifesto publicized during 2018’s election – he said that the manifesto did not mention a constitutional referendum at all.

Speaking regarding the issue to Sun, Wadde said that it is MDP that make pledges to the people – adding that the party operates on certain policies. In this regard, he said that ‘Jazeera Raajje’ manifesto was formulated similarly, with the consultation of the people.

“MDP’s manifesto is still up on the website. Any lie can be said. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s poster and Faisal Naseem’s poster also says ‘Jazeera Raajje’, in that same font,” he had said.

(From L-R) MDP leader, former president Mohamed Nasheed, MDP chairperson Fayyaz Ismail, and Maldivian president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. (Photo/MDP)

Wadde also said that President Solih received the opportunity to contest in the presidential election because all political leaders had been imprisoned back then; a statement he claims all citizens believe. He went onto say that the people had not voted for President Solih as an individual, but rather as the endorsed candidate of the party, by its supporters.

Wadde described what is currently being witnessed as President Solih violating his pledges, and blatantly being untruthful. He added that the President’s Office’s Spokesperson Miuvaan, will have no idea “what MDP is”.

“Miuvaan will not even know this party. Miuvaan is not someone who has any stature within this party. He speaks as he is told. No matter what lie is asked to be said, he will say it. But, (I) am talking about written and publicized documents,” he had said.

Commenting regarding Wadde’s remarks – Miuvaan remarked that the twist in the political arena after MDP held its primary for 2018’s presidential election, the formation of the coalition and winning the election through that coalition must not be forgotten.

None of the manifestos publicized by MDP, or parties of the government coalition mentions the current administration initiating a constitutional referendum as per Nasheed’s remarks. As Nasheed presses to change the governing system, President Solih does not support it.