Medianet: Can show on big screen, commercial gain prohibited

A football match shown on a big screen. (Sun photo)

Medianet on Tuesday stated that FIFA World Cup 2022 matches can be viewed on the big screen.

An official from Medianet stated that the rumours about not allowing showing on the big screen were completely baseless.

Furthermore, the official said that although screening was allowed on the big screen, any commercial gain from it was banned.

Medianet also urged to screen in accordance with the guidelines of FIFA.

“No one should do this by selling seats, allowing people in with tickets, keeping projectors through sponsorships or in any commercial means. For instance, showing at Olympus Cinema by selling tickets. That’s not right. It is not allowed.”

In addition to this, Medianet said that their biggest priority was to enhance the World Cup spirit among people and that they were working to ensure that this becomes a celebration that unifies people.

Medianet received the licence to broadcast FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The company has granted sub-licence to three other channels, RaajjeTV, YesTV and IceTv.

The World Cup is set to kick off on November 20, with a line-up of exciting and competitive matches. Medianet and its partners have planned various programs, fan zones and roadshows have been planned for the supporters in order to prepare for the football fiesta.