“Ikhthiyaaru” wins MS Short Movie Challenge

Nine movies competed in Medianet's MS Short Movie Challenge. (Photo/Medianet)

“Ikhthiyaaru” has won the grand prize of the MS Short Movie Challenge held by Medianet.

The award ceremony was held at Champa Central Hotel in Male’ City on Saturday.

While “Ikhthiyaaru” won first prize, “Himithi” came second and “The Letter” came third.

“Ikhthiyaaru” won MVR 100,000, while “Himitihi” won MVR 50,000 and “The Letter” won MVR 30,000.

The cheques were presented to the winners by Medianet’s Head of Marketing, Zihuny Rasheed.

Nine movies competed in the MS Short Movie Challenge. They are:

  • Himithi - Ismail Asif
  • Nazaru - Lights Out
  • Ikhthiyaaru - Lore
  • Movie Night - Mifza Hassan
  • Haggu Niyaa - Reesha Shareef
  • The Letter - Ali Shamin
  • Hashi - Mohammed Shanoon
  • Blues - Shimma
  • Garden Therey Udhuhilaa - Slow Tape

Medianet said it held the competition to facilitate opportunities for talented local youths, and to offer local-made content to viewers through Medianet’s platform.

Producers of the top three movies have been offered the opportunity to collaborate with Medianet to produce films, series and additional content.