Maldivian procures temporary aircraft due to delays in arrival of new aircrafts

Maldivian procures additional aircraft for temporary use. (Photo/Hugo)

National airline, Maldivian, has procured an aircraft for temporary use subsequent to delays in arrival of aircrafts ordered for winter season operations, which is the peak tourism season.

Maldivian had placed orders for two ATR 72-600 series and one ATR 42-600 for the peak tourism season. As the aircrafts are due to arrive in early December, a temporary aircraft has been procured to ease operations.

Commenting regarding the matter, Island Aviation’s Deputy Managing Director Aishath Jennifer said that the temporary aircraft was brought due to delays in the arrivals of the targeted aircrafts.

“These aircrafts were ordered during preparations a long time back for the provision of the required services for the people, and catering the season. But the estimated arrival of the aircrafts is early December. Therewith, we brought an aircraft for temporary use at present,”

Jennifer said that although only one aircraft has been procured for temporary use as of present, more will be procured if there is an increase in demand.

Maldives is entering the peak season of tourism. Many international airlines that do not operate on a regular basis to the archipelago have commenced operations especially for the peak season. Meanwhile, airlines operation domestically has increased frequencies to cater to the increased demand.