MDA urges punishment for individual that assaulted Poli Ahmed

MDA's National Council member Ahmed Rasheed (Poli Ahmed) (L) captured next to the party's president Ahmed Siyam Mohamed (R).

Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) has requested that the individual who assaulted the party’s National Council member Ahmed Rasheed (Poli Ahmed) be met with just punishment under the law at the earliest.

Poli Ahmed was assaulted inside a café in Fuvahmulah City on Sunday evening.

In a statement released on Sunday, MDA said they condemn the assault of the party’s National Council member Poli Ahmed by an activist belonging to the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) in the strongest words.

The party also underscored in their statement that they stand in the nation’s frontline with hopes of stopping such cruel acts, and establishing peace and stability across the country.

“This party does not believe in unjust violence against anyone even in the slightest. We note that we will always prioritize the good qualities of peace and understanding,” the statement read.

MDA said that their hope is for Poli Ahmed to rejoin efforts to further the party’s activities in Fuvahmulah City as soon as possible.