Kumundhoo Nature Park set ablaze resulting insurmountable losses

HDh. Kumundhoo Nature Park which was set ablaze. (Photo/Kumundhoo Council)

In an act of vandalism – HDh. Kumundhoo Nature Park (Vehisara) has been set ablaze resulting in insurmountable losses.

Speaking to Sun, Kumudhoo Council President Ameen Mohamed said that the incident was reported to him by another councilor at approximately 5:00am this morning.

“When I went to inspect the scene – almost 90 percent had already burnt down. The hut constrcted there has completely burned down to ground as of present,” he had said.

Ameen said that it is likely the property was set ablaze by a group of people on purpose – as the park houses no flammable objects.

He further stated that he does not believe there is a reasonable explanation as to why any Kumundhoo resident should vandalize the Nature Park which is an extremely popular destination amongst visitors to the island.

HDh. Kumundhoo Nature Park which was set ablaze. (Photo/Kumundhoo Council)

“Till now, that place has been proven to be beneficial for all Kumundhoo residents. Kumundhoo became exposed due to this place,” he had said.

Ameen described the arson having caused insurmountable losses for Kumundhoo.

Kumundhoo Council said that the arson took place at dusk of Tuesday. They explained that the Nature Park had been developed by a non-governmental organization based at the island, Kurevi Jamiyya; later on handed over to the Council.  They also stressed that a case had been filed with the police over the arson.

Police told Sun that the fire at the Nature Park was reported to them around 6:00am this morning. Noting that there were no injuries in the fire, they said they were investigating the incident further.

Speaking to Sun, Kurevi Jamiyya’s Vice President Farish Abdul Gayoom said that MVR 200,000 was spent in total to develop the Nature Park. He added that equivalent funds or higher would be required to rebuild the Nature Park.

HDh. Kumundhoo Nature Park before it was set ablaze. (Photo/Kumundhoo Council)

Farish also alleged the fire to be an act of arson. He stressed that the Nature Park had burnt down completely as a result.

Farish detailed that the Nature Park was funded from the organization’s budget – and developed by its sports wing.

Underscoring the organization’s members’ wishes to rebuild the park over the damages – Farish expressed the organization’s intention to build back even better.

HDh. Kumundhoo Nature Park before it was set ablaze. (Photo/Kumundhoo Council)

“The biggest obstruction we will face is securing such a large budget. As soon as we secure the budget, by god’s will, we will commence the work. I request assistance from individuals willing to spare funds for such places,” he added.

Farish also strongly condemned the arson of the Nature Park which had garnered exposure to Kumundhoo – increasing the number of visitors to the island which has also improved the island’s economy.