Suspect who fled after torching parked motorbikes arrested

Aftermath of an arson at the parking zone in front of the parliament building in Male' City on June 4, 2023. (Sun Photo/Mahil Athif)

A Maldivian man has been arrested on suspicion of fleeing after setting ablaze several motorbikes parked in the parking zone in front of the parliament building were torched in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The incident was reported to the authorities at approximately 3:03am on Tuesday night.

Police, in a message to the media on Thursday, announced the arrest of a 36-year-old Maldivian man in connection to the case. He was remanded in police custody for 30 days when presented before the Criminal Court on Thursday.

Three motorbikes were burned beyond use in the fire, while a van and four additional motorbikes parked in the vicinity of the three motorbikes were also impacted by the fire.

On the day of the incident, a witness told Sun that the suspect fled after torching the motorbikes; a statement was confirmed by the Police later in the day, who also reported that they had identified the suspect.