Actress Hunoo alleges harassment whilst in police custody

Local actor and model Hunaisha Adam (Hunoo). (Photo/Top Model Maldives)

Local actress and model Hunaisha Adam (Hunoo) has alleged harassment whilst in police custody at the Criminal Court.

Hunoo raised the allegations during a remand hearing held on Sunday, to make a decision regarding her custody.

In this regard, she stressed being harassed whilst in custody and also complained over inadequate healthcare after falling ill.

Therewith, the court had ordered the prosecution to investigate the matter further.

Hunoo were charged with drug trafficking following after drugs from an apartment in Male’ City she shared with her boyfriend on March 28. 

Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) announced that charges were filed on Sunday.

She is charged with trafficking diamorphine, trafficking cannabis, and trafficking a Schedule 1 drug. 

She faces 75 years in prison if convicted of the charges. 

At yesterday’s hearing, the defense stated that a drugs discovered in connection to the case was not linked to Hunoo – adding that another individual had claimed the drugs.

In response, the prosecution said that there were reasonable doubts regarding the suspicions against Hunoo. They added that although part of drugs in connection to the case had been claimed by another individual – there was evidence that the remaining drugs were linked to Hunoo.

The hearing concluded with it being established that there was sufficient evidence against Hunoo – whereas her released from custody is seen as a threat to public.

Therewith, Criminal Court had remanded her in custody by 15 additional days.

Hunoo gained popularity through TikTok – now boasting over 25,000 followers on Instagram. She has appeared in several of Darkrain Entertainment’s movies, and had been working on several movies at the time of her arrest.