Fenaka launches home solar program

Fenaka Corporation, in partnership with the Environment Ministry, have launched a home solar program in Maldives.

Fenaka said in a statement on Wednesday that the purpose of the home solar program was to reduce the public’s spending on electricity, and reduce the government’s reliance on fuel to generate electricity.

The corporation said that the newly launched program will allow customers to consume electricity

The corporation said that under the program, electricity will be generated through renewable energy, allowing for environmentally friendly and less costly consumption of electricity.

Fenaka said that the home solar program will allow customers to reduce their monthly electricity bill by up to 97 percent.

“The MVR 2,000 electricity bill of households will drop to up to MVR 60. Home solar systems are green power plants installed on roofs. A power plant that has a low maintenance cost, and which lights and cools with solar energy,” said the corporation.

Customers who enroll in the program will receive a visit from Fenaka’s technical team for an assessment. The service of installation of solar panels will be provided based on the assessment.

“The home solar panel system will function well even without yearly servicing. However, Fenaka’s services do not end with the installation of solar panels on the roofs. Fenaka’s technical team will be ready to solve any issues that may arise,” said the corporation.