Travelers urged to be cautious around Thilamale’ Bridge site

Work in progress on the Thilamale' Bridge. (File Photo/Sun)

Transport Ministry has issued a statement urging travelers in the area to be cautious amid survey work on the Thilamale’ Bridge. 

Platforms were installed from the south western end of Male’ to the waters to the south of Vilimale’ and Gulhifalhu on Wednesday. 

Transport Ministry has asked travelers to avoid the platforms and employ caution when travelling the area. 

“We urge the captains, owners and operators of vessels to travel safely without obstructing the platforms,” said the Transport Ministry. 

The Greater Male’ Connectivity Project – set to be the largest infrastructure development project in Maldives – is financed under an Indian grant of USD 100 million and a USD 400 concessional credit line from India’s Exim Bank.   

The project was awarded to India’s Afcons Infrastructure on August 26.   

Housing Ministry has allowed Afcons the use of a large area of the Greater Male’ Industrial Zone for the project.