Thilamale’ Bridge: Should have been 77% done, but progress at 27%

Arial view of the construction of Thilamale' Bridge. (Photo/Afcons)

The work on the Thilamale’ Bridge should have been 77 percent complete at this point as per the project work plan, but the progress is at just 27 percent, says the President’s Office.

In a press conference on Sunday evening, PO’s Undersecretary for Public Policy, Mohamed Firuzul Abdul Khaleel shared President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu’s decisions, and key plans for the coming days.

He said that the transitional committee had gathered information regarding the Thilamale’ Bridge Project during the transition period, and found the progress of the project was at 27 percent, whereas 77 percent of the work should have been complete by now.

“Looking at the current progress, 77 percent of the work on the Thilamale’ Bridge should have been complete by now, according to the initial schedule. But the report shows only 27 percent of the work is done,” he said.

Mohamed Firuzul Abdul Khaleel, the Undersecretary for Public Policy at the President’s Office, speaks to press on November 19, 2023. (Photo/President's Office)

Firuzul said the administration’s first priority will be to identify the reasons for the delay, adding that it was a task for week 14 of the administration’s first 100-day plan.

“Once this is done, we will reach a roadmap to complete the remaining work,” he said.

President Muizzu has previously stated that he will work to expedite the bridge project.

The construction of the Thilamale’ Bridge was contracted to India’s Afcons Infrastructure in August 2021. The project is funded with a USD 400 million loan from India’s Exim Bank.

Muizzu’s predecessor, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had previously admitted that the project wasn’t progressing at the speed he wanted, adding that he believes he would have performed better at the presidential elections in September, if it had.