Taskforce established to solve drug crisis; Home Minister says results will be seen next year

Home Minister Imran Abdulla (C) during a ceremony held to dispose of 324 kilos of drugs on October 8, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Home Minister Imran Abdulla said on Tuesday that a special taskforce has been established to solve Maldives’ drug crisis, and that the results of the taskforce’s efforts will become evident in the coming year. 

A ceremony held by police in K. Dhoonidhoo on Tuesday morning to dispose of drugs seized by authorities in various operations. The ceremony was attended by Home Minister Imran and Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed. 

Speaking at the ceremony, Hameed said counter-drug operations show the extent to which the drug trade has spread in Maldives, and the seriousness of the issue. 

He said that the government had initiated multiple efforts to solve the drug crisis, including establishing a special taskforce dedicated to the issue, chaired by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. 

“A national taskforce was established a month back. The taskforce – chaired by the President – is already engaged in multiple efforts,” he said. 

He said the results of the efforts will be seen in the coming year. 

Speaking at the ceremony, Imran described the drug crisis as the biggest economic challenge facing the Maldives. 

He said that the special taskforce as established at the President’s own initiation, and that the results of the efforts of the taskforce will become evident in the first quarter of the coming year. 

Imran also blamed the lack of solution to the drug crisis on policies of former administrations. He said that the current administration was on a path to solve a crisis which has plagued Maldives for over 50 years.