Mathiveri Council: Jabir will not be granted concessions on his debt

AA. Mathiveri.

AA. Mathiveri Council states that they will not be intimidated by deplorable words and acts from Kaashidhoo MP Abdulla Jabir into granting concessions on the debt he owes. 

Jabir, the leader of DRP, alleged during a parliamentary sitting on Wednesday morning that there were members of the international terror network ISIS operating in Mathiveri 

He said that it was not safe for any Maldivian to travel to Mathiveri. 

Mathiveri Council has issued a statement in response to the allegation, stating that the Maldivian people aren’t new to the politician’s manner of speech and his threats. 

The council said the threats will not intimidate them into granting concessions on the debt Jabir owes to the people of Mathiveri and the council. 

Mathiveri Council’s president Ahmed Aslam told Sun on Thursday that Jabir has incurred MVR 4.7 million in fines for failure to pay the rent for land he leased from the southern beach area for tourism. 

Aslam said Jabir had been instructed to pay the fine by the end of last August. 

He said that while some business had been run on the land Jabir leased, initially, the business was later halted. 

“They constructed a building and began a business, and then just halted the operation,” he said. 

Aslam said that the council was unable to speak to Jabir regarding the fine during his visit to Mathiveri last Tuesday, and called for the cental government to intervene in the case. 

Mathiveri Council, in their statement, condemned the allegation Jabir made regarding the island during Wednesday’s parliamentary sitting on behalf of all the people of the island in the harshest of terms. 

The council also alleged that Jabir threatened to damage two plots developed in Mathiveri Tourism Zone-1. And said that the threat was reported to the police last Saturday. 

When asked for a comment, Jabir told Sun that he, too, will release a statement regarding the issue.