Nasheed: Qasim a good candidate for prime minister

JP leader Qasim Ibrahim. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyaas)

MDP leader and Parliament speaker, former president Mohamed Nasheed said on Wednesday that JP leader Qasim Ibrahim was a good candidate for appointment as prime minister of Maldives. 

He made the remark in a WhatsApp group of parliamentarians, in response to a comment by Biledhdhoo MP Ahmed Haleem (Dhonbileh).  

Dhonbileh texted that Qasim, who serves as Maamingili MP, was a capable candidate for appointment as prime minister. He said that the greatest service Qasim could do for the people would be to be fair to the people and lead a revolutionary change by becoming prime minister. 

Central Maafannu MP Ibrahim Rasheed (Bonde) responded that he cannot support Qasim as a prime minister. 

Dhonbileh countered that talk of Qasim being made prime minitser would be hard for some people to hear, but that everyone should let go of bias and do what’s best for the people. 

He said that Qasim had played a key role in reforming Maldives and establishing a multi-party system, and that he should therefore get what he was rightfully due in politics. 

Nasheed agreed with Dhonbileh’s comments. He said Dhonbileh had foresight, and that Qasim was a good candidate for prime minitster. 

Nasheed said that he had seen Qasim’s efforts to reform Maldives up close, and praised the politician. 


Qasim, meanwhile, responded that MDP wouldn’t agree to make him a peon, much less a prime minister. 

He said that he would be greatful if MDP agreed to make him a peon at the very least. 

The exchange comes as Nasheed’s supporters gather signatures for a petition calling for a consitutional referendum to switch from the presidential system currently practiced in Maldives to a parliamentary sustem. The petition has gathered thousands of signatures, including that of some MDP parliamentarians loyal to Nasheed.