Oil bowser caught on fire at Kulhudhuffushi

MNDF officers captured near the oil bowser which was caught on fire at Kulhudhuffushi City on July 29, 2021. (Photo/MNDF)

An oil bowser has been caught on fire at Kulhudhuffushi City. Officers from MNDF’s Northern Area had attended to the fire and brought it under control.

Speaking to Sun today, Kulhudhuffushi City’s Mayor Mohamed Athif confirmed that the oil bowser which was caught on fire had belonged to Fenaka Corporation.

The fire broke out earlier this afternoon – which has now been brought under control and did not spread elsewhere other than the vehicle.

“No person was injured – but the bowser sustained major damages due to the fire,” Mayor Athif had detailed.

When the fire broke out on the bowser – it was parked nearby an oil tank of Fenaka’s powerhouse situated in the city.

“The cause of the fire has not been identified yet,” he also added.

MNDF’s Spokesperson Major Ibrahim Azim had told Sun that the incident was reported around 11:55. He also highlighted that the fire had been brought under control whereas no one had been injured.

However, MNDF also did not disclose the cause of the fire.