A. A. Mathiveri placed under monitoring mechanisms

An aerial shot of A.A Mathiveri.

The island of A. A. Mathiveri has been placed under monitoring mechanisms.

The mechanisms were initiated to investigate the situation with COVID-19 on the island. The mechanisms mean that people are no longer permitted to travel to or depart from the island until further notice. 

Mathiveri Council Member Iyaz Ibrahim stated to Sun that the island was placed under monitoring mechanisms due to the positive test results of two children from the island for COVID-19. 

The two children had been in contact with others who were in home-quarantine on the island and tested positive for the virus later on. The individuals in home-quarantine were the grandparents of the two children.

“After they (grandparents) were taken to a facility, rumors spread that there had been contact. The entire residence was then quarantined along with the people living there. After samples were collected, two children from the house then tested positive.” Said Iyaz. 

He added that the two children also attended school and had been active outside of the residence. The two children were studying in primary grade levels of the school. 

A high number of positive cases are being identified from other inhabited islands apart from the capital Male’ City which is the epicenter of the national outbreak.