3 rescued from boat in distress off the coast of Feeali

A speedboat which began taking in water after running out of fuel seven miles off the coast of F. Feeali on April 18, 2020. (Photo/Maldives Police Service)

Maldives Police Service, on Saturday, rescued three people from a small speedboat in distress seven miles off the coast of F. Feeali.

The boat had been travelling from A. Dh. Eriyadhoo to Dh. Meedhoo.

It made a distress call to the police at approximately 10 pm, after the boat ran out of fuel, and began taking in water.

The boat was seven miles off the coast of F. Feeali when it made the call.

A police speedboat in F. Atoll was immediately dispatched to rescue the people on board the boat; two men and one woman.

All three were rescued and taken to F. Nilandhoo.

After the police rescue operation, the MNDF sea ambulance in Nilandhoo travelled out to rescue the boat by draining the water using a pump. However, the attempt to rescue the boat failed and the boat sank underwater at approximately 1:14 am this Sunday.