Zakat payments to be made via account transactions

Minister for Islamic Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Zahir. (Sun Photo)

Minister for Islamic Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Zahir has announced that Zakat payments can be made via account transfers due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19.

In a press conference tonight, the minister stated that arrangements have been made for Zakat payments to be made to Islamic Ministry’s official account. Payments can also be made through Ooredoo and Dhiraagu as well with the arrangements, said the minister.

Zakat payments will be deposited to those in need through account transfers as well, said the Minister.

“We have made arrangements so that everyone can pay their Zakat payments through Ooredoo and Dhiraagu,”

“The list of those who are to receive the payments will also have their account numbers, God willing, they will receive the amounts they are obligated.” said the minister.

The minister also stated that if the situation subsided, arrangements will be made so that Zakat can be paid through food items.