Inflation rate for November shows 0.13 percent decrease

An aerial shot of the ports area in Male' city, the capital of Maldives. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

National Bureau of Statistics has announced that the inflation rate of the country was reduced by 0.13 percent in November 2019.

The latest statistics by the Bureau showed that the inflation rate stood at 99.91 percent.

Prices were reduced from products such as vegetables (5.63 percent), Rent (0.73 percent), furniture (6.32 percent) and sea transport (3.85 percent).

Prices increased from products such as phone calls (2.28 percent) fish products (1.23 percent), meat (1.42 percent), fruits (1.44) and medicine (0.44 percent).

Inflation rates in Male’ city reduced by 0.30 percent, but the rate in atolls was increased by 0.09 percent. Prices within atolls for products such as F&B, nicotine products, and health services were increased.

despite the reduction when compared with the previous month of October, the rate for November is still increased by 0.54 when compared with November of 2018.