27-year-old suspected of raping a 13-year-old arrested

Protesters hold an anti-rape rally in Male' City on June 29, 2020. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Police, on Friday, have arrested a 27-year-old man on suspicion of raping a 13-year-old girl.

Police, on Thursday. said they received a report from one of the islands within Noonu, Raa, Baa and Lhaviyani atolls on May 19th, regarding the sexual abuse of a 13-year-old. They have concealed the identity of the victim, their island and atoll; owing to the fact that they are a minor.

On Friday, they announced the arrest of a 27-year-old Maldivian man in connection to the case.

No further details regarding the suspect have been disclosed as the victim is a minor.

The case is under further investigation by the Police. The authority has previously remarked they investigate cases concerning children as extremely serious matters.

Human Rights and Gender Committee had previously said that a total of 2,169 sexual abuse cases were logged with the police in the last six years.

The committee said a total of 234 sexual abuse cases were reported in 2023 alone as well.