RaajjeTV files police case over threat to torch station

Maldives Police Service headquarters. (File Photo/Sun/Ihthisham Mohamed)

RaajjeTV has filed a case with the police over a threat to torch the local TV station.

The threat was made to a reporter from RaajjeTV over social media. The social media user threatened to “end” RaajjeTV and “set fire” to the station.  

RaajjeTV sent a letter to the Commissioner of Police Ali Shujau on Monday, in which they said that they believe the threat constitutes to an act of terror, and asked the police to investigate the case with the seriousness it deserves.

They also asked the police to provide the station’s employees with the safety and security they are entitled to.

RaajjeTV also referred to the torching of its main station on October 7, 2013, saying that they have yet to receive justice in the case, 11 years on.

RaajjeTV noted that the incident took place after they had shared information of a likely arson attack on the station.

“The TV station would likely not have suffered such serious damage had relevant authorities taken relevant measures,” wrote RaajjeTV in the letter, urging the police to treat the new threat with seriousness.

The 2013 arson attack was perpetrated by six masked men who poured petrol before torching the station. It resulted in over MVR 11 million in damages to the property and equipment.

The new threat was made on social media on Sunday. And in the comments section of a Facebook post regarding the incident, a user warned that all medias that create conflict must be “burnt to ashes”, starting with Channel 13, another local TV station.