Siyam: Pres Muizzu is not anti-India

MDA President Ahmed Siyam Mohamed at Dhaalu atoll Meedhoo rally on Tuesday evening, March 05, 2024 -- (Photo/ President's Office)

Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) President and Dhaalu atoll Meedhoo MP Ahmed Siyam Mohamed on Tuesday evening, March 05, 2024, said President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu was never against India or any other foreign ally.

While speaking with the locals of Meedhoo, Siyam said the current administration is maintaining strong bilateral ties with all of its foreign allies to ensure peace and harmony.

The MDA president further assured President Dr. Muizzu will fulfill the pledges he made to the public, noting the current head of state was capable enough to fill his presidential responsibilities.

"There are several who are willing to finance the president's vision. He is strengthening ties with all foreign allies, not just any single ally," Siyam said.

Siyam further said he personally experienced working alongside Dr. Muizzu, which was the primary reason MDA decided to ally with PPM/PNC coalition during the run-off election.

The MDA leader said Dr. Muizzu fulfilled his role as the housing minister, which he received through the party's slot, at an unprecedented scale.

"... That is why we can ascertain his speed, and decision-making approach," Siyam said.

Besides this, Siyam had announced the primary requirement of Meedhoo locals during the rally on Tuesday evening, notifying the island was in need of housing. He requested development of row houses at the vacant plots in Dhaalu atoll Meedhoo, Bandidhoo, Rinbudhoo, and Hulhudheli.

Siyam is poised to contend for Meedhoo constituency for a second term in the upcoming parliamentary election.