Siyam announces decision to run for fifth term as Meedhoo MP

MDA's president Ahmed Siyam Mohamed attends a gathering on February 10, 2024. (Sun Photo)

Ahmed Siyam Mohamed, who has served as the parliamentary representative for the Dh. Meedhoo constituency for the last two decades, and announced his decision to run for a fifth term.

The Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) president announced the decision during a gathering on Saturday night, attended by community leaders from Meedhoo and Rinbidhoo.

It had followed a similar gathering the previous night, during which he met community leaders from Bandidhoo and Hulhudheli.

During both gatherings, many of the attendees appealed to Siyam to run for a fifth term in the Parliament.

He had previously said he would make a decision after meeting with community leaders from all four islands.

“Therefore I, with the blessings and strength from Allah, and given that I want to fulfill your appeal, I have decided to contest for the Dh. Meedhoo seat,” announced Siyam, addressing Saturday’s gathering.

MDA's president Ahmed Siyam Mohamed attends a gathering on February 10, 2024. (Sun Photo)

Siyam, who endorsed President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu in the presidential runoff election in September, said that the Maldivian leader was “close” to the Meedhoo constituency. He also noted that President Muizzu had previously been a member of MDA.

He highlighted on the various contributions President Muizzu made during his time as housing minister from 2013-2018, during which time he had also served as MDA’s vice president.

“During his time as a minister, Maldives brought in massive investments, built bridges and high-rises the likes of which the country has never seen. He carried out mega infrastructure projects the magnitude of which the country has never seen,” he said.

Siyam said he will work closely with the government to develop Dh. Atoll.

“I want to assure my constituents that, God willing, I will talk to President Dr. Muizzu and will not hesitate to work as closely as possible to bring in all the developmental projects this region needs,” he said.

The ruling PPM-PNC coalition has decided against contesting for the Meedhoo seat, as a sign of respect for Siyam. The coalition will also not be contesting the seats of JP’s leader Qasim Ibrahim and MNP’s leader Colonel (Retired) Mohamed Nazim.