President Muizzu, after taking oath, says judiciary now freed from influence

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu delivers inaugural address to the nation after taking oath of office on November 17, 2023. (Sun Photo - Infinite Moments/Mohamed Shaathiu Abdulla)

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, on Friday, said the government’s undue influence on the judiciary has been brought to an end following his inauguration.

President Muizzu took oath during a special ceremony held at the Republic Square on Friday evening which saw the attendance of thousands including foreign delegations.

In his first address to the nation after taking oath, President Muizzu said the undue influence on the judiciary has ended with his inauguration. He pledged to be a sincere president who does not influence the judiciary in any way.

“We want to ensure the independence of the powers of the Maldivian state. And especially to ensure the judicial system is free from even the slightest influence of the government,” he said.

“This does not mean the government will turn a blind eye to individuals who betray Maldivian citizens and the state and commit crimes. On the contrary, it means the government influencing the judiciary is brought to an immediate end from here on,” he added. 

He reaffirmed that an end to the government’s influence on the judiciary does not amount to turning a blind eye to corruption and theft.

Dr. Mohamed Muizzu takes his oath as the 8th President of Maldives at the Republic Square on November 17, 2023. (Photo/Infinite Moments/Mohamed Shathiu Abdulla)

In this trajectory, he assured of his administration’s commitment to probe corruption allegations and take action when necessary.

“I will be fair. I will not be unjust. Will loudly say no to corruption and embezzlement. The new administration will take action in such matters. The administration will be transparent. There will be no secrecy or hiding,” he said.

‘Will establish a Maldives without foreign military troops’

Speaking further, President Muizzu said his administration will establish a Maldives without the presence of foreign military troops. He assured to put Maldivian citizens before anything as pledged during his campaign.

“I am a Maldivian. For me, Maldivian citizens come first on the list. The first. Citizens of any other country will only come afterward,” he said.

“I will be friendly with nations. Will not hold grudges or be enemies. Will respect countries further away from neighboring areas. But I will always widely draw the red line when it comes to Maldivian citizens’ independence and sovereignty,” he stressed.

President Muizzu’s most prominent pledge during his presidential campaign was the removal of Indian troops based in the Maldives.

After taking oath on Friday, he said there is no greater happiness for him than being faithful to the nation. In this trajectory, he reiterated his pledge to make Maldives a nation that is secure in its independence and sovereignty, without the presence of any foreign military personnel.