Eight injured in dangerous collision between two speedboats

Collision between two speedboats near Hulhumale' on September 8, 2023. (Photo/Maldives Police Service)

Two speedboats traveling near Hulhumale’ collided in a dangerous accident on Friday night.

Marine police said the accident took place at approximately 20:36pm.

Eight individuals sustained injuries to various extents in the collision. They are presently undergoing treatment at Hulhumale’ Hospital.

The collision was between a speedboat, transporting tourists to the airport from Joy Island Resort, and a speedboat of Leo Trading, transporting company employees.

The speedboat traveling to the airport had 13 passengers aboard, including three crew members. Coastguard reports none of them sustained serious injuries, and have all proceeded to the airport for their departure.

While eight individuals injured in the accident are being treated, five reportedly sustained significant injuries, with one of them, in serious condition.