President Solih to Democrats: Don’t waste your vote

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih addresses a rally in HDh. Kumundhoo on September 4, 2023. (Photo/MDP)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has described votes in the upcoming presidential election for The Democrats as “a waste”, urging the party’s members not to get sidelined, and join the main ruling MDP in its efforts to develop the country.

In a campaign rally in HDh. Kumundhoo on Monday, President Solih said the turmoil which shook MDP, when scores of members loyal to the party’s former leader Mohamed Nasheed left the party to form The Democrats, had also affected the island.

He said that the time has come for the “the few members who fell into the trap” to rejoin MDP.

“I ask you to come back. The time has come. Don’t make your votes a waste. Every single vote is important,” he said.

President Solih said that members of The Democrats must not sideline themselves from the efforts to develop the country.

He said that with five days left to the election, previously undecided voters were making their decision.

He said that he was seeing this from the HDh. Atoll as well, adding that it was boosting MDP’s chances.

“I’m seeing a change in my travels. I see previously undecided voters in some of the islands making their decision. I see them joining MDP by the numbers, and resolute in ending this,” he said.

President Solih said that he sees the people of Kumundhoo working to get him re-elected in a single round of voting.


  • Resolution of issues with the harbor
  • Installation of coastal protection structures
  • Development of the main roads with asphalt
  • Constructing a multi-purpose hall and providing additional resources to the island’s school
  • Completion of the construction of a modern waste management center