President Solih: This election will end in one round, with greatest margin of victory recorded

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaks at a campaign event in R. Meedhoo. (Photo/MDP)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, on Wednesday, has remarked that this year’s presidential election will be the one with the greatest margin of victory in the history of Maldives concluding in one round.  

Speaking to residents of R. Meedhoo during a visit to the island on Wednesday as part of his ongoing campaign tour of Raa Atoll – the president expressed hope of winning the election in light of scenes he had witnessed from the islands he visited so far in his campaign. He added that the people have become one, in their desire for a ‘happy and peaceful’ Maldives.

“By the will of God, this election will mark the election with the greatest margin of victory concluding in one round. We have the people’s trust,” he said.

President Solih, stressing the administration’s works have been acknowledged by the people, said the administration, therewith, has gained their trust.  

Citing the most important characteristic of a good government as ensuring justice, the president said the policy, which an MDP administration will place the highest priority on, is ensuring justice and ending cruelty, as they are cornerstones on which MDP was incepted.

“In this regard, our policies, in the future, will also be shaped through an existing independent and fair justice system,” he added.

The president emphasized the increase in the public’s trust in the judiciary, especially the Supreme Court, was observed during his current term.

Speaking with respect to Meedhoo, President Solih said residents of the island have always appreciated development.

Two of the development projects most wanted by Meedhoo residents, the development of a new hospital and upgrading the island’s harbor, are slated to commence within a few days, the president added.

Pledges for Meedhoo in a second term;

  • Reclamation of Meedhoo for a housing project
  • Laying asphalt on unfinished roads
  • Developing a new and bigger mosque
  • Building a new powerhouse with greater capacity
  • Construction of a football stadium
  • Establishment of a community center